Women and Children's Health Nursing

You know that every week of gestation makes a tremendous difference in the life of a newborn. Likewise, every career decision can make a tremendous difference with your personal well-being.

40 weeks. 10 centimeters. One great career.

At Providence, women's and children's nurses experience some of the happiest times in patients' lives, as well as some of the most heart-wrenching. The fruits of your labors could include:

  • Labor and delivery/family maternity
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Newborn nursery
  • Pediatrics
  • Postpartum

As in many Providence nursing specialties, the opportunities for practice are as varied as our facilities. Many of our hospitals have dedicated pediatric units. You can choose to experience the miracle of life on every shift at a major medical center where more babies are born than any other hospital in the state, challenge your skills as you care for the most vulnerable new arrivals in a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, or bond with families in a charming family birth center.