Emergency Nursing

From the first moment the call comes in, alerting you that a trauma is en route via helicopter...to the patient arriving in the ambulance lane of your local hospital in the bucket of a tractor (yes, this actually happened)...you are ready.

As a nurse specializing in emergency care, you already know to expect the unexpected. From the moment our patients arrive in our emergency departments and our trauma centers, the most important thing is that they experience the best and most compassionate care available.

At Providence, you will expect:

  • An emergency department team that is respectful and works together
  • Worksites that range from small local hospitals to a Level III trauma center in your state
  • An employer that values your career growth and continuing education
  • Opportunities to participate in shared governance councils
  • An employer who deeply cares for the local community

Expect the unexpected.

At Providence, you will impact the lives of the most vulnerable members of our communities. We don't turn away patients in our emergency department, regardless of their ability to pay. In this way, you know you will make a difference with every patient you care for.