Home and Community Care Nursing

Expect the unexpected.

As a nurse in home health, hospice and long term care, you are invited into the lives and homes of patients at a very crucial time in their lives. Providence's values of compassion and excellence live in your heart every day as you care for these vulnerable patients.

Home health care

The demand for home care services is growing at an unprecedented rate in our communities. Being at the bedside in a patient's environment is a special calling. It brings about a unique connection, considerable autonomy and a close familiarity with your patients' lives. You are an advocate, a caregiver, a voice and a trusted advisor. You are also not alone.

At Providence, home health nurses enjoy all the benefits and resources that a large health system can offer. You have access to tools and education to support you in the home setting. You have the support of an entire team of home health specialists, from pharmacists and home medical equipment technicians, to dieticians and social workers.


The support you give to a family when a loved one is nearing the end of life is genuine and fulfilling. You provide a much needed service during this time of intense emotion. Ensuring the comfort and dignity of your patient is your number one goal.

Providence believes strongly in the importance of quality end-of-life care for all, and actively promotes this belief in our communities and local and national government settings. As a hospice nurse with Providence, you can expect to have this type of support extended to you.

Long term/Transitional care

For those who cannot help themselves, for those who need constant care, for those who need community, for those who need to maintain their independence and dignity and for those whose voice may be forgotten: this is why you became a long term care nurse. At Providence, we have unique practice settings for you, including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Residential care for geriatric populations
  • Residential care for pediatric populations
  • Intergenerational communities

Our long term care programs are founded on principles of respect, compassion and excellence. Many have been nationally recognized for the quality of care and quality of life provided to residents, patients and their families. If you have a passion for helping these vulnerable individuals, find your calling here.