Behavioral Health Nursing

Many of the patients that you care for as a behavioral health nurse define "rock bottom" in their own way. To them, it is a severe case of anorexia, a crippling addiction to methamphetamines, a suicide attempt or a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. They are under our care for a reason. You are there with a hand to help them onto the path to recovery.

Healing the body, mind and spirit.

Just as the patient cannot recover without help, you are not alone in providing care. At Providence, you will practice nursing with an interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, case managers, nursing assistants, dieticians, occupational and activity therapists, chaplains, social workers and families. The respect that you show to your patients is reflected back to you through this team of providers, where you are truly a leader and partner.

At Providence, you have access to resources that independent facilities cannot match. Whether you are working in a small community hospital with just a few behavioral health beds, or a large medical center with multiple behavioral health sub-specialties, or a behavioral health community clinic, you have access to the tools, resources, experiences and shared knowledge of our entire organization. This means you will have the support you need to provide your patients with the support they need.

A tradition to be proud of.

Behavioral health nursing holds a special place in Providence's history. More than 150 years ago, some of the first patients cared for by our founders, Emilie Gamelin and Mother Joseph, were mental health patients.